How to Calculate Compression Ratio?

Answer An engine's compression ratio will dictate how it will perform. In general, if the volume of the cylinder when the piston is down is greater than the combustion chamber volume when the piston up, t... Read More »

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What does"compression ratio"mean?

The compression ratio in an internal combustion engine is the ratio of the maximum to minimum volume within the cylinder, where fuel and air are being compressed. A higher ratio means that more ene... Read More »

Compression-ventilation ratio for children?

For 1-person CPR the compression-ventilation ratio for children (and adults and infants) are 30 compressions to 2 breaths.

How to Use Head Gaskets to Decrease the Compression Ratio?

Many performance car-enthusiasts turn to decreasing their engine's compression ratio to eliminate pre-ignition detonation (engine-knock) in their vehicles, albeit for a variety of reasons. Some ar... Read More »

How to Calculate Compression?

Scientists and engineers calculate the compression of an object as the force on the object in pounds divided by the area in square inches that the force is applied. This action upon an object is al... Read More »