How to Calculate Completion Rates?

Answer Completion rate is a term used by educational institutions to track statistics on course completions. It compares course credits attempted versus course credits completed. From these statistics, i... Read More »

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How to Calculate Percentage of Completion Method?

Percent of completion method is an accounting term that is used primarily for construction companies. In accounting, you want to try matching your expenses with the revenue you produce, so the perc... Read More »

How to Calculate PPC Ad Rates?

There is no definitive pay-per-click, or PPC, ad rate. Marketers must determine which search terms or phrases will drive the most web traffic to the company's website or landing page, then bid on t... Read More »

How to Calculate FOREX Rates?

There are several different rates to consider when trading Forex. While exchange rates are what Forex is all about, you should also pay attention to interest rates, margin rates and spreads. Factor... Read More »

How to Calculate Dose Rates?

Calculating dose rates is an important part of nursing and health care. It also comes into play with over-the-counter medications. Knowing the correct amount to take or to give your loved ones will... Read More »