How to Calculate College GPA With Weighted Classes?

Answer Calculating your weighted GPA involves the number of credits you have taken during your college career versus the grade you received in each class. The term "weighted" refers to calculating a grade... Read More »

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How to Calculate Weighted Grades in College?

Weighted grades are becoming more common in upper-level classes in both high school and college. A school may "bump up" a grade to reflect the greater difficulty of an honors or advanced placement ... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Weighted GPA?

While calculating your GPA for Math majors may not be a complicated task, for others it can be a tedious task, especially if your school uses letters grades with pluses and minuses. Whether your sc... Read More »

How to Calculate Weighted Factors?

In mathematical terms, a factor is any of the numbers multiplied together to form the product of a multiplication problem. Weighting numbers allows you to give more importance to one number over an... Read More »

How to Calculate Weighted Grading?

Some teachers prefer to grade students using a weighted method. This method looks at each different individual assignment and then gives the assignment a percentage. The percentage is how much the ... Read More »