How to Calculate Coin Toss Chances?

Answer A coin toss is an age-old technique still used in sports to determine which side goes first. When a coin is tossed, the probability of it landing on its head or tail is equal. Each face of the coin... Read More »

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How to Simulate a Fair Coin Toss With a Biased Coin?

Coin tosses are a popular way of picking a random winner. Usually it suffices to simply nominate one outcome heads, the other tails, and flip the coin to decide, but what if one party to the disput... Read More »

How to Simulate a Biased Coin Toss With a Fair Coin?

We often use a coin toss to choose from two equally preferable outcomes, but can also use one to break a three way tie, or in other situations where you want a probability distribution other than 5... Read More »

How to Win a Coin Toss?

This shows various ways to win a coin toss every time.

How to Fix a Coin Toss?

A minor disagreement can often be settled with a simple coin toss.There are times when you would like to know the outcome before the coin is flipped. You can use this simple device to win a coin to... Read More »