How to Calculate Carrying Value of a Bond?

Answer A bond is a useful form of debt instrument used by corporations and governments to raise capital. Investors purchase bonds at a certain price, and then receive interest payments every 6 months from... Read More »

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How to Calculate Earth's Carrying Capacity?

Ever since the Malthus claimed in 1978, in his "An Essay on the Principle of Population" that population growth outstrips food production, pessimists have predicted widespread famines. In rebuttal,... Read More »

How to Calculate an APY of a Bond?

A company or the government issues bonds in order to finance a project. An investor buys the bonds and receives interest on the money that they agreed to pay to the project. Although interest rates... Read More »

How to Calculate Bond Value?

A bond is a debt security that pays a fixed amount of interest on specified dates, usually semi-annually, until maturity, at which the face value of the bond, usually $1000, is returned to the bond... Read More »

How to Calculate a Bond Discount?

Bonds are one vehicle to invest money. An investor can buy a bond and he will receive periodic interest payments and when the bond matures, receive the face value of the bond. When a bond hits the ... Read More »