How to Calculate Carbs?

Answer You may want to calculate your daily carbohydrate intake because you'd like to restrict most carbs, some carbs or because you want to make sure you're getting enough. Carb calculation might seem as... Read More »

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Is it true that your body needs 20-30 percent of your daily calories from fats and protein and 40 percent from carbs or can you balance your diet with more carbs and protein but less fat instead?

Answer Did you know that women who dont have the right amount of fat percentage in their bodies dont get their periods. answer2 real one yes it always true. Answer You need something called omega-3... Read More »

What are good carbs&what are bad carbs?

Not all carbohydrates are bad for you. There are good carbohydrates that help you stay healthy. There are also bad carbohydrates that are not beneficial to your health. Striking a healthy balance i... Read More »

How to cut out some carbs?

Five Ways to Cut Carbohydrates In Your DietWrap it up. I loved wraps before going on a diet. So after I began my diet, I took a closer look at the wrap. And I'm not talking about the lettuce wrap, ... Read More »

Is watermelon low in carbs?

Although watermelons are not a zero-carb fruit, they only have 11 grams of carbohydrates per 1-cup serving. Thus, they are a good low-carb snack, according to Lisa Shea of Bella Online.Source:Bell... Read More »