How to Calculate Carbonation?

Answer Carbonation is measured in "volumes of carbon dioxide," or simply "volumes." One "volume" is defined as a gallon of carbon dioxide dissolved into a gallon of liquid at atmospheric pressure and room... Read More »

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Who made carbonation?

Joseph Priestley invented carbonation in 1767. He was an English chemist whose experiments with carbonating water were facilitated by the nearby location of a public brewery. His work led to modern... Read More »

How to Make Carbonation in Water?

Adding carbonation to water provides a bubbly alternative to drinking plain tap water. A common way to make carbonated water at home is to use a seltzer bottle. Water added to a seltzer bottle is ... Read More »

How to Measure Carbonation Levels?

Carbon dioxide gas or CO2 is contained under pressure in a can or bottle to form carbonated beverages. The carbonation is responsible for the fizz in the drink and provides its unique sensation. Ca... Read More »

How to Test the Carbonation in Soda?

Soft drink manufacturers carbonate soda at the bottling plants by injecting a mixture of sweetener, purified water and flavor concentrate with carbon dioxide in a pressurized tank. The amount of ca... Read More »