How to Calculate Capital Gains?

Answer Capital gains are income from investments such as stocks, bonds or real estate. It is the difference between original purchase price and selling price. If you have capital investments that could ma... Read More »

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How do I calculate capital gains taxes?

Required RecordsKnow the sale proceeds and the cost or other basis. The purchase date and sale date are also required. An asset sold more than one year after purchase is long-term; all others are s... Read More »

How do i calculate capital gains on a mortgage?

Refer to Schedule D InstructionsRefer to IRS’ capital gains rules for the sale of property by using the link within “Resources.” Calculate the basis of the home, plus capital home improvement... Read More »

How to Calculate Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Rates on Shares?

When you sell shares of stock, you owe capital gains tax. To calculate how much you owe, you must know the price that you bought the shares; the price that you sold them; the broker's fees involved... Read More »

How to Calculate & Report Capital Gains Taxes to the IRS?

Capital gains and losses are the amounts of money that you have made or lost on your investments. Capital gains are taxed by the government, and you can use a capital loss of up to $3,000 as a dedu... Read More »