How to Calculate Cable Bundle Diameter?

Answer Running cables through access holes in joists and down from drop ceilings is easier if the cables are bundled together. A cable bundle diameter is a little bit larger than the sum of the diameters... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Diameter of a Cable Reel?

Circular cable reels hold long wires or chains wound around their central core. Every reel holds an amount of cable directly related to its diameter. The diameter of a cable reel's equals the width... Read More »

How to Calculate Minor Diameter?

The minor diameter is an engineering reference to the diameter of a screw without the threads, as opposed to the major diameter, which is the diameter of a screw with the threads. There are a coupl... Read More »

How to Calculate Mean Weight & Diameter?

In science, taking one measurement is never enough. Measuring instruments are never 100 percent accurate or precise, so the best way to close in on an accurate measurement of any kind is to find th... Read More »

How to Calculate an Internal Diameter?

Hollow everyday circular objects appear differently than drawn two-dimensional circles. Objects like pipes and hoses have two different diameters. The outside diameter measures the distance of a st... Read More »