How to Calculate Bulk Soil?

Answer Knowing how to calculate the bulk density of soil is important for many activities, such as construction, growing plants and irrigation. Bulk density tells you how much weight of soil you have per ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Soil Texture?

Texture is an important characteristic in soil quality. The tightly packed particles of a clay or heavy soil can negatively impact water absorption and plant root penetration. Sandy soils are more ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Organic Content of Soil?

Maintaining a healthy percentage of organic materials in the soil is a critical component of any garden. The University of Minnesota Extension states soil utilizes organic materials for a variety o... Read More »

How do i calculate how much soil is needed in a raised bed planter box?

If the raised bed is rectangular, use a tape measure to find the length of the bed, the width, and how high it is off the ground. Measure these in feet. Use a calculator to multiply these three num... Read More »

How do i calculate how much soil i will need to plant my flower beds?

Computing AreaLay out boundaries of beds with string and stakes. Break irregular and curved bed areas into rectangles to make measuring simpler. Find the area of each section or bed by multiplying ... Read More »