How to Calculate Bore & Stroke?

Answer Knowing the bore and stroke of an engine is key to understanding the engine's performance. The bore of the engine is the diameter of the piston hole. The stroke is the distance the piston moves wit... Read More »

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What Is the Bore & Stroke of an Engine?

The bore and stroke are the measurements that determine the engine displacement. Displacement is one of the factors that determines the overall engine power. The configuration of the piston also de... Read More »

What Is Bore & Stroke for a Motorcycle?

Bore and stroke are a basic measurement of an internal combustion engine. The ratio of bore to stroke, as well as their nominal value, affect engine performance, speed, horsepower and torque. These... Read More »

How to Figure Bore-to-Stroke Ratio?

In a piston engine, the "bore-to-stroke ratio" describes the relationship between the cylinder bore and the piston stroke. Bore-to-stroke ratio often aids in engine design, providing insight into t... Read More »

How to Calculate a Cylinder Bore?

Pneumatic cylinders use a piston to transfer the potential energy of compressed air into kinetic energy, in order to do work. The force provided by the pneumatic cylinder varies with the pressure ... Read More »