How to Calculate Bond Total Return?

Answer Although you may buy bonds to support a particular organization or individual, ultimately the purpose of buying any investment vehicle is to make money. Once you've sold a bond for its present cash... Read More »

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Why Is a Corporate Bond a Better Return?

Although the stock market gets significantly more press, the bond market is actually quite larger in size. Each year, trillions of dollars are traded between investors in government and corporate s... Read More »

Required Rate of Return on a Bond?

A bond works like a loan between the issuer and the investor. The issuer receives a payment for the bond and promises to return the payment and make regular interest payments on that investment. Be... Read More »

What is the annual rate of return on a bond?

The annual rate of return on a bond is determined at the time the bond is purchased. Bonds are also called fixed income securities, because the company or government entity issuing the bond sets a... Read More »

What does total state owed mean on a tax return?

State tax returns calculate how much income tax you owe your state for a given year. As part of that calculation, every return will give a "total state tax owed" figure.Adjusted Gross IncomeIn ord... Read More »