How to Calculate Backruptcy Payments?

Answer Chapter 13 bankruptcy code was formulated to allow debtors to establish long-term payment plans for unsecured creditors. Normally, under the Chapter 7 bankruptcy code, unsecured creditors are paid ... Read More »

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How do I calculate car payments per month?

The FormulaAdd 1 to the interest rate per month, then raise the number to the negative power of the number of months of repayment. Subtract this number from 1. Label the result as Part B. Multiply ... Read More »

How to Calculate Alimony Payments?

Alimony payments are financial support payments made by one ex-spouse to the other after a divorce. Most states do not have set laws governing alimony payments. It is usually left to the discretion... Read More »

How to Calculate Tax on Bonus Payments?

Bonus payments are distributed to employees for various reasons: it may be given as a reward and have a set amount, or it may be given at intervals or specific times of the year and be based upon c... Read More »

How do I calculate car lease payments?

Gather InformationWrite down the length of your lease term in months. Call the dealer to find out the residual value of the car, which is what the car is worth at the end of your lease term, and th... Read More »