How to Calculate Axle Weight on a Truck?

Answer When loading a truck or designing for vehicular capacities, not only must the overall weight of the vehicle and its cargo -- even if that cargo is people -- be considered, but the individual loads ... Read More »

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How to Find a Truck Axle Ratio?

Knowing your truck's axle ratio is important information if you are reprogramming you speedometer computer or want to replace the gears to retain your truck's stock acceleration after installing la... Read More »

GM Truck Rear Axle Identification?

The rear axle keeps the two rear wheels rotating simultaneously on your GM Truck. It is important to know which axle your truck has. The type of axle can generally be determined by the axle's shape... Read More »

How to Read a Ford Truck Axle Tag?

Ford truck axles are identified by a small tag attached to the differential casing on the rear axle in most cases. The only axles that are marked differently are ones made by Dana. The same marking... Read More »

How to Remove an Axle Shaft in a Pick Up Truck?

The rear axle of a pickup truck has many internal components that allow the rear wheels to turn. These include the differential assembly, bearings, seals, and a pair of axle shafts that connect the... Read More »