How to Calculate Axle Torque?

Answer Torque is the force required to turn or rotate an object. Understanding torque can help engineers work with items ranging from a simple wrench all the way to the giant axles of industrial machinery... Read More »

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How to Calculate Axle Ratios?

"Axle ratio" is the common term for the reduction in the gear ratio of most implementations of mechanical differential drive axles in cars, trucks and tractors. These drive axle mechanisms receive ... Read More »

How to Calculate Axle Weight on a Truck?

When loading a truck or designing for vehicular capacities, not only must the overall weight of the vehicle and its cargo -- even if that cargo is people -- be considered, but the individual loads ... Read More »

How to Calculate FT Lbs. of Torque?

For certain applications, such as bolting on a cylinder head or putting wheels on, you will need to make sure that the fastener you are tightening is installed using the proper FT pounds (foot poun... Read More »

How to Calculate the HP From RPM & Torque?

Horsepower (HP), revolutions per minute (RPM) and torque are terms people frequently use to describe automotive engine performance. The three are all related by a simple mathematical formula, and y... Read More »