How to Calculate Averages Using Decimals?

Answer When you think of the average of numbers, you probably want to know the "mean" of the numbers. Mathematicians call the average of a set of numbers the "arithmetic mean." Additional kinds of average... Read More »

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How to Calculate Term Averages?

Schools and universities award academic honors such as Dean's List, President's List and Honor Roll each term to students who earn high term averages, an average of all course grades received durin... Read More »

How to Calculate Averages in Math?

The average, also called the mean, represents the typical amount based on a range of data. For example, the average number of points you score a game represents what your typical scoring performanc... Read More »

How to Calculate Averages of Percentages?

A percentage is a proportion (or ratio) that states the number of parts or items per 100. For example, if 37 percent of the pencils in a box of 100 pencils are red, this means 37 of the pencils ar... Read More »

How to Calculate Time-Weighted Averages?

Time-weighted averages take into consideration not only the numerical levels of a particular variable, but also the amount of time spent on it. For instance, if workers are exposed to different dos... Read More »