How to Calculate Average Monthly Rainfall?

Answer To calculate average monthly rainfall, make a record of the amount of rainfall received each day of the month. At the end of the month, add up all of the rainfall amounts and divide them by the tot... Read More »

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What is the average monthly rainfall in Ohio?

Each month the rainfall amounts are different in Ohio. Rainfall is usually measured from January through December. The average amount of rain per year in Ohio is between 33 and 40 inches, and the a... Read More »

What is the average monthly rainfall in Israel?

Different regions in Israel, a country in the southwestern portion of Asia between Jordon and Egypt, get contrasting amounts of rain each month. The northern and western regions of Israel get more ... Read More »

What is the average monthly rainfall for the tundra?

The tundra experiences under 10 inches a year in rain, which amounts to an average of under 0.83 inches per month. The low precipitation is caused by the cold temperatures, which reduces humidity t... Read More »

How to Calculate Average Rainfall?

Calculate average rainfall by adding up the amount of rain received each day of a given month, then dividing the result by the number of days in that particular month.Source: http://www.safehealthy... Read More »