How to Calculate Average Inventory Value?

Answer Regardless of whether a company is a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, its inventory is an asset that the organization intends to resell as a normal part of its business. At the time the invent... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Moving Average of Inventory?

Accurate valuation of inventory levels is absolutely crucial for running a successful business. The better you can control your inventory levels, the less inventory you will need to keep to satisfy... Read More »

How to Calculate Months of Inventory?

Months of inventory is how long inventory should last based on past results. Months of inventory is more commonly known as average inventory period. The formula for months of inventory is 365 divid... Read More »

How to Calculate Cost of Inventory?

The cost of inventory is one of the most important considerations of any business trying to make a profit. This is because rising costs have a direct impact on profitability. In order to calculate ... Read More »

How to Calculate Closing Inventory?

Closing inventory, also known as ending inventory, is a company's inventory at the end of a period. Inventory is defined as items that a company has on hand for sale to consumers. Determining inven... Read More »