How to Calculate Antilog on a TI-30XS?

Answer The antilog is a mathematical function that represents the inverse of the log of a number. Calculating the antilog of a number is the same as raising 10 to the power of that number. For example, th... Read More »

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How to Do Fraction Mixed Number Subtraction on a TI-30XS Calculator?

The TI-30XS is a scientific calculator. As such, you can add and subtract mixed numbers. A mixed number occurs when you have a whole number and then a fraction. Using the TI-30XS is easier than doi... Read More »

How to Calculate RMS?

Not all forces and sources of power are in steady states. Many sources of power vary by their nature. This variation, when expressed in simple mathematics, often results in descriptions of the sour... Read More »

How do I calculate EFN?

Add Assets and LiabilitiesOpen an Excel spreadsheet and enter all of the assets into one cell and their value into the next cell. Add the monetary value of all of the assets together using the "Aut... Read More »

How to Calculate FCR?

Every business that has a call center dealing with customers should be concerned with its first call resolution, or FCR, rates. By calculating FCR, a business can determine the percentage of custom... Read More »