How to Calculate Angle of Divergence?

Answer The angle of divergence is what happens to a laser beam or other material that is shot in a line over a distance. The beam will not keep its original width if, for example, you shot it parallel to ... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Opposite Angle?

When two lines intersect, four angles form. The angles touching each other are adjacent angles, and their sum equals 180 degrees. Any given angle has two adjacent angles. A third angle is directly ... Read More »

How to Calculate a Complementary Angle?

A complementary angle is an angle that adds up to 90 degrees with another angle. For example, if one angle measures 30 degrees, then its complementary angle is 60 degrees. A 90-degree angle is also... Read More »

How to Calculate An Angle Tangent?

The tangent is used to determine the angle within a triangle by using the ratios of two sides. In right triangles, the three sides are the hypotenuse, the opposite side and the adjacent side. The h... Read More »

How to Calculate a Reflective Angle?

When you look in the mirror, you expect to see an image of yourself staring back at you. The confidence that fuels your expectation is well-founded, as it rests on a simple law: the Law of Reflecti... Read More »