How to Calculate Aircraft Payload?

Answer Aircraft are used for recreation, news and traffic reporting, fire fighting, construction, rescue operations, medical emergencies and military applications. Aircraft also are used to move people an... Read More »

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How to Calculate an Aircraft Lease?

Aircraft leasing allows a company to avoid purchasing an airplane and dealing with the hassles involved with maintenance and flight crews. Many types of aircraft leases exist. For example, two majo... Read More »

How to Calculate Aircraft Range?

Aircraft are limited in the amount of time they can spend in the air by how much fuel they are carrying and how quickly the aircraft consumes that fuel. Aircraft also have varying airspeed capabili... Read More »

How to Calculate the Weight & Balance of an Aircraft?

Although calculating weight and balance for an aircraft may seem like a boring and tedious task for some pilots, ensuring that an airplane is within limits is crucial to ensuring safe flight. Becau... Read More »

How to Calculate Aircraft Descent Rate?

What goes up must come down. This is true of aircraft in flight. Bringing an aircraft back to the ground safely is the primary concern, but it also is necessary that the return to the ground occur ... Read More »