How to Calculate Age by Date?

Answer Have you ever forgotten your father's age? What about a teacher that refuses to tell you her age, but tells you her birth date? This is how to find a person's age by using dates and simple math.

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How to Calculate Your Due Date?

Once you find out you're pregnant, one of the first questions you may ask is when is your due date. Since the date of conception is rarely known, learning how to calculate your due date is based on... Read More »

How to Calculate the Julian Date?

Julian dates are based on a count of the number of days since January 1, 4713 BCE ("before common era" which is equivalent to BC), plus fraction of a day indicated with decimal numbers. A full day ... Read More »

How do I calculate date of conception from age?

Last Menstrual PeriodCheck your cycle dates. To determine gestational age, the most common method is using the your last menstrual period. For a woman who has a regular cycle, conception typically ... Read More »

How to Calculate 180 Days From a Date?

Calculating 180 days from any given date can be estimated by simply incrementally increasing the month by six. However, this method will not produce accurate results. For precise calculations, you ... Read More »