How to Calculate Acute Triangle?

Answer Calculating the area of an acute triangle is one of the basic exercises involved in learning geometry. All three angles of an acute triangle are less than or equal to 90 degrees. The acute triangle... Read More »

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How to Construct the Altitudes of an Acute Triangle?

Triangles are the most stable shape in geometry. This is because, having only three sides, the triangle defines a plane. You find triangles in supports for everything from buildings to bridges. Eve... Read More »

How To Construct an Acute Triangle Compass?

Students become acclimated early to using a compass to draw circles and other geometric shapes. An interesting application of a compass involves using them to draw angles, including angles less in ... Read More »

How to Calculate Sides of a Triangle?

Calculating the sides of a triangle helps you to determine the perimeter of a triangle even if you only have the measure of two of the angles and one of the sides. To find the sides of the triangle... Read More »

How to Calculate an Isosceles Triangle?

An isosceles triangle is any triangle where two of its three sides are of equal length. The two sides of equal length are called legs, and the third side is called the base. The height of the trian... Read More »