How to Calculate AMD Processor Speeds?

Answer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is one of the major manufacturers of central processing units, the main component of any computer. The processor speed reflects the number of operations per seconds and... Read More »

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Common Processor Speeds?

In a personal computer, processors act as the computer's brain. Since it processes all calculations and commands, its speed determines the general speed of the whole computer. Even if you have the ... Read More »

Types & Speeds of a Processor?

A processor controls virtually every function in a computer. Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are the primary manufacturers of processors. They make processors for desktop computers, laptops,... Read More »

How do I compare computer processor speeds?

SpeedNote the speed rating of each central processing unit (CPU) you wish to compare. These values are expressed in Hertz, with most CPUs operating at speeds in the gigahertz (GHz), as of 2010. The... Read More »

My processor's specs are : AMD Sempronâ„¢ Processor 3600+ cpu MHz : 1800.000 can i run Guild Wars 2 ?

Go to this site and it will tell you exactly how well it will or will not run.…