How to Calculate 1/6th of Something?

Answer A fraction expresses a non-integer, meaning the number is not a whole but rather a part of a number. In mathematics, terms in word problems describe fractions and whether to add, subtract, divide o... Read More »

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Where should I go for my 16th birthday?

Try this,…

Is 1/16th of shrooms enough for one?

You could eat it all your self and trip hard, but splitting that amount is the way to go. You both should still have a moderate/strong experience, and will have someone on the same wavelength to u... Read More »

16th Birthday Ideas?

Do a murder mystery dinner, it's great fun trying to figure out the killer and the motive and getting to dress up and act in character (You can make it a kidnapping or robbery if you don't like the... Read More »

16th birthday party!?

Go bowling. Thats always fun. You can go mini golfing, go cart riding. You could always throw a bbq and have games like volleyball, horse shoe, kickball. Something that is fun of course and can kee... Read More »