How to Bypass the Seatbelt Alarm on a 2004 F-150?

Answer The 2004 Ford F-150 is a full-size American-made truck that features ABS brakes, front independent suspension, 17-inch wheels and available with several trim package options. All models, regardless... Read More »

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How to Silence a Seatbelt Alarm?

Seat belt alarms are installed in many new vehicles and they're liable to test your patience. We're all aware of the importance of wearing a seat belt when driving on public roads, but who wants to... Read More »

How to Disable a Jeep Liberty Seatbelt Alarm?

The Jeep Liberty is equipped with a seatbelt alarm. Jeep calls this feature the "Enhanced Seatbelt Use Reminder System." When you drive your Jeep without the seatbelt buckled, the system beeps endl... Read More »

How to Disable the Seatbelt Alarm on a Toyota Corolla?

Silence that awful din, but wear your seatbelt at all times regardless!

How do I Bypass a 2000 Windstar Alarm?

The car alarm on your 2000 Windstar minivan is wired into your van's battery. When you are making a repair to your car such as a battery change out your alarm can go off. You can easily disable the... Read More »