How to Bypass WebSense in Internet Explorer?

Answer If your school/organization has web sense, you know how annoying it is. When you find a page you want to visit and you can't get into it, it can be the most frustrating thing in the world. Web sens... Read More »

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How to Bypass Websense?

Employers, government agencies, and libraries are increasingly using Websense and other internet filters to block access to certain websites. While these filters can cut down on the exposure to vir... Read More »

How to Bypass Websense Without Proxies?

Ever get annoyed about Websense blocking all the fun sites?Want to do something that is less trackable than proxy sites... Or isn't blocked? This is how to bypass Websense, without using proxies or... Read More »

How to Take Off Websense on Your Internet?

Websense is a company that provides several different programs online. These include security, virus, email security and filter programs. You might have downloaded Websense at one time or another, ... Read More »

If i am on bt broadband and have internet explorer on my comp can i delete the explorer because i get so many?

I think you you are trying to say that you are using the 'browser' that BT Internet include with their package. Microsoft Internet Explorer is something that isn't easy to get rid of, but you can g... Read More »