How to Buy the Rights to a Book?

Answer When you buy the rights to a book, which are ownership rights to a literary work, it’s usually for the purpose of publication. Book publishing agreements that transfer the rights to a book, also ... Read More »

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How to Buy Film Rights to a Book?

Many movies are based on books, graphic novels or life rights for biographical films. Movie rights are subsidiary rights to a book. Although the book is turned into a screenplay and may not follow ... Read More »

What did the book Roots by Alex Haley have to do with civil rights?

Roots Connection with Civil RightsIt had to do with emancipation and freedom, setting the stage for future civil rights to be had for all. Prior to Roots, many Americans, both black and white, inco... Read More »

Who owns the publishing rights to the indian comic book character"Chacha Chaudhary"?

Diamond Comics owns the publishing rights to the Indian comic book character "Chacha Chaudhary," according to Lhendup Bhutia in an October 2008 article for DNA India. "Chacha Chaudhary" is Diamond ... Read More »

How do I get my 85 year old mother's book Feet of Clay by jj webb reviewed by Oprah Winfrey Book on Retired teacher of 40 years Wrote book 20 years ago Has three others for agent Talented?