How to Buy the Right Quilting Tools?

Answer To help you on your journey to becoming a quilter here is a helpful list of the tools you will use the most.

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Ok, I've got me cap on, a pencil behind my ear and a bag of tools. "Right, Wheres your washing machine"?

My bank is the Bank Of Smoke and Mirrors and I'll have to pay you by cheque.

The Origins of Quilting?

Quilting as a hobby and trade has been practiced for over five thousand years. Quilts are usually made by sowing together a patchwork of existing and recycled fabrics then stuffing with soft materi... Read More »

Quilting for Beginners?

Quilting is not complicated. At its most basic form, a quilt is pieces of fabric sewn together for a quilt top, which is layered with batting and a back and stitched together. Many quilters hand-se... Read More »

Quilting Table Instructions?

The art of quilting has been valued for at least two centuries both for the warmth a quilt provides and the beauty it brings to a home. Quilting brings with it another reward: the joy and satisfact... Read More »