How to Buy the Best Lotion for Itchy Skin?

Answer Whether you have itchy skin because of psoriasis, eczema, a rash or excessive dryness, a dry skin cream can help calm the maddening sensation quickly. By using the best lotion for itchy skin, you'l... Read More »

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Other than lotion, what can be done to relieve dry itchy skin?

I would try a little baby oil mixed with the lotion that you are using. Baby oil usually calms the itching, I have found. They also sell Aveeno oatmeal powder packets at the drug store that you can... Read More »

The Best Medicated Lotion for Dry Skin?

Medicated creams provide relief from the itchy annoyance of dry skin. Most people have bouts of dry skin at some point. It is particularly common as the skin ages. Aged skin has difficulty retainin... Read More »

What kind of hand lotion is best for really dry skin?

MarykayPrivate Spa Collectionâ„¢Satin Hands® Pampering SetNow you're one step closer to softness. The new Satin Hands® Satin Smoothieâ„¢ Hand Scrub cleanses and exfoliates. It's an everyday treat... Read More »

If I use the best suntan lotion & lay in the sun or play by the beach 6 hours every day will this hurt my skin?

yes its best to stay away from the beach between 10am and 4pm