How to Buy the Best Airsoft Gun?

Answer This article will show you the basics on buying the best airsoft gun for CQB and long range Combat.

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What is the best airsoft gun?

On One Hand: Money Can Buy QualityAirsoft guns come in models ranging from simple pistols to full-size miniguns. High-quality Airsoft guns intended for competition can cost hundreds of dollars. The... Read More »

How do I determine which Airsoft BB is the best?

DiameterDecide the size of Airsoft BB you plan to use. The 6mm BB is the standard size for Airsoft, but there are some 8mm BBs. It is easier for wind to affect the larger 8mm's direction, which cau... Read More »

What is the best battery for airsoft?

On One Hand: 8.4 V Large BatteryThe most common airsoft battery is the 8.4 V large battery. This is an effective choice for powering an airsoft gun. You can choose either a nickel cadmium (NiCad) o... Read More »

How to Pick the Best Airsoft Pistol?

Have you ever been wanting to pick an Airsoft pistol to complete your armory.