How to Buy for the Baby's First Year?

Answer Prepare for a new baby's arrival by creating a checklist of items you will need. Babies grow and change quite a bit in the first year, but there are some basic items you will use throughout the yea... Read More »

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What should be the normal limit for preventive coverage so that a babys first year vaccinations are covered by insurance?

AnswerIn the first year of life, an infant receives the majority of their vaccinations. Most insurances include this in preventative care. The office I work in sees infants for preventative care at... Read More »

Can 9 year olds have babys?

yes they can a 9 year old had a baby in china so 9 year olds can but dont

Do you need to shave babys first hair?

There's a myth that says if you shave your child's first hair then its hair will grow to be more thicker and shinier.

Does how I use my financial aid money for first year community college affect my 2nd year amount (CA)?

The money is yours to cover expenses, including living expenses. That means that once you have it you can spend it on whatever you consider a living expense. You will not be asked where the money w... Read More »