How to Buy for People Who Have Everything?

Answer When it comes to buying gifts or items for people who already seem to have everything they could possibly want, choosing an item that you think they might appreciate may seem like a challenge. In s... Read More »

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How to Have People Listen to Everything You Say?

People want other people to listen to them. They don't like it when people put their ideas down. This shows you ways that you can have a huge crowd around you every time you open your mouth

Why do some people update everything they do on Facebook?

What gets me is when they post the score of the football game they are watching. Don't you think that if I wanted to know the score, then I'd be WATCHING THE GAME?!?!?!? It's not like there aren'... Read More »

I really get irked when people say they listen to everything?

I know EXACTLY what you mean! People who say they listen to anything rarely listen to any "extreme" genres of music (Death Metal and it's varients, Black Metal and it's varients, Progressive Metal ... Read More »

Does it annoy you when people put LOL after everything they say?

Yes it bloody does, I HATE text speak: lol, lmao etc etc it bugs the hell out of me. What's wrong with putting hahaha, it's a far better representation of a laugh???