How to Buy and Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Answer Do you have a desktop PC and dread seeing the power go out?Got a wireless router and Modem that share an Internet connection that goes 'black' when the power goes out?Do you have one of those 'VOIP... Read More »

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How to Build Your Own Uninterruptible Power Supply?

In the event of extended blackout, you may have critical systems (such as computer or medical equipment) that must remain running no matter what. This guide will yield one scalable uninterrupted po... Read More »

How do I install an uninterruptible power supply?

Installing SoftwareInstall the software for the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) onto your computer, using the UPS owner's manual as a guide.Plugging Into UnitTurn off your computer; make sure th... Read More »

What is a capacity uninterruptible power supply system?

An uninterruptible power supply system provides continuous power in the event of an outage from your electric company. The capacity of the system refers to the amount of wattage it can sustain.Refe... Read More »

What type of power supply connector is used to supply power to the floppy drive?

The power connectors for floppy drives come from the same four-wire bundle that powers all of the other internal IDE drives. Older 5.25" floppy drives connect via the standard four-socket D-shaped ... Read More »