How to Buy a Wood Pellet Stove Online?

Answer Heating your home traditionally - with a wood-burning stove - is both a cozy addition to your living space, and an energy efficient money-saver. Additionally, wood-burning stoves count as a tax wr... Read More »

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Is a wood stove hotter than a pellet stove?

On One Hand: Pellet Stoves Burn HotterClark Public Utilities in Vancouver, Washington, says that pellet stoves use tightly compressed wood "pellets" which have a lower moisture content than regular... Read More »

Can i use my pellet stove hearth pad for a wood stove?

A pellet stove hearth pad cannot be used safely with a wood stove. This is because of differences in the ways that wood stoves and pellet stoves function. Typically, pellet stoves do not need to be... Read More »

Can wood chips be used in a pellet stove?

Technically, wood chips can be burned in a pellet stove as long as they fit through the auger. However, wood chips are not ideal for pellet stoves as they can cause jams and have uneven sizes, dens... Read More »

Can I install a wood pellet stove in a HUD home?

You can install a pellet stove in a HUD home. In addition to the national fire safety codes that must be met by all stove installations, HUD has extra requirements that must be followed when insta... Read More »