How to Buy a Vehicle from a Government Used Car Auction (USA)?

Answer A great way to find the best deals on used cars is to go to government used car auctions. The competition between different auction events has increased greatly throughout the past few years. This ... Read More »

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How to Auction Your Vehicle Wholesale?

Selling your vehicle wholesale at an auction is a good option for sellers who own an older model vehicle and are in a hurry to sell. When you price your vehicle wholesale, you are selling it for th... Read More »

What does de-identifying an auction vehicle mean?

De-identifying an auction vehicle involves removing any graphics or adhesives that may be on the car. The de-identifying process uses heat guns, torches and other adhesive removers to clean the veh... Read More »

How do I access government auction listings?

General Services AdministrationThe U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is the online venue for the Federal Disposal System. According to the GSA's website, the organization is considered to... Read More »

How to Buy a Government Owned Home at Auction?

Counties handle government-owned home auctions in most states in the U.S. A property owner receiving notification of foreclosure has a certain amount of time, based on state and federal laws, to cu... Read More »