How to Buy a Variable Annuity to Supplement Your Retirement Income?

Answer Variable Annuities may add an additional source of retirement income for the individual investor. Be aware of back-end fees and the fact that annuity income will be considered income during retirem... Read More »

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Variable Annuity Information for Retirement?

Insurance companies design and sell insurance policies called annuities. These insurance policies insure your future income. They do this by accepting a deposit from you and later turning that depo... Read More »

What is a variable annuity?

Variable annuities offer investors an investment account, typically designed to provide income after retirement. Similar to a a 401k account, a variable annuity offers the investor the opportunity ... Read More »

Fees Associated With Variable Annuity?

An annuity is an agreement where an investor gives a sum of money to an insurance company that promises to pay a stream of income in the future. Some annuities guarantee a fixed rate of return, reg... Read More »

Variable Annuity Rights?

If you are currently looking for safe financial investments for the future, variable annuities could work for you. However, companies offering these complicated contracts have been known to sometim... Read More »