How to Buy a TV Tuner Card?

Answer A TV tuner card lets you view and record TV programs on your computer screen, using the computer much like a VCR or DVD player. There are several brands and versions of TV tuner cards. Here’s how... Read More »

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How to Buy a PVR TV Tuner Card For Your PC?

With the rise of TiVo, many users are enjoying the benefits of using a digital video recorder device. With the new class of PC peripherals known as PVR cards, also known as DVR cards, PC users can ... Read More »

What is a tv tuner card?

With the increased use of computers as part of home entertainment systems, many people have begun adding TV capabilities to their computer. You can accomplish this by installing a TV tuner card.Int... Read More »

Can you run a TV tuner card on Ubuntu?

Yes, you can run a TV tuner card on an Ubuntu system. Indeed, there are a number of brands of tuners that can be used. To actually watch television with the card, use a program such as MythTV.Refer... Read More »

How to Install a TV Tuner Card?

There is already a tutorial on how to buy a TV Tuner card, so i will not stress much on it. All this is would be a tutorial on installing and using a TV Tuner Card.