How to Buy a Snowboard?

Answer Choosing a snowboard is similar to buying a surfboard. Some riders prefer quicker turns and doing tricks while others like to just ride slowly and peacefully. Whether you're in it for a thrill or f... Read More »

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How to Wax a Snowboard?

Regularly waxing your snowboard will prolong its life and keep it quick.

How to Do a 360 on a Snowboard?

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How to Do a 180 on a Snowboard?

A 180 is a great trick for beginners, challenging but great fun. In this article you will see pointers and steps you will come across when you are trying to do 180 on a snowboard.

How to 50 50 on a Snowboard?

Doing a 50/50 on a snowboard is a crowd pleaser in competitions and just something fun to do while riding down the mountain on your snowboard.