How to Buy a Property in Romania?

Answer The property-buying process in Romania is largely unknown to foreign buyers, yet it can be relatively simple and efficient with the appropriate knowledge and preparation. Three people can make the ... Read More »

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Is a property owner liable to others if there is fire on the owned property and the automatic sprinklers activate and cause water damage to the property of others?

It depends on how the lease is written. You may be liable if the damage was done as a result of actions caused by the landlord, and as such the landlord is responsible for the sprinkler system. How... Read More »

Who needs a visa to go to Romania?

Romania does not require a tourist visa if you are from the UK, U.S., Canada or a European Union nation. Visitors from other nations are divided into two groups, according to the Villa Helga Youth ... Read More »

How many hours does it take to fly from the U.S.A. to Romania?

The shortest travel time between New York City's Kennedy Airport and Bucharest, Romania (as of May, 2010) is 11 hours and 40 minutes, flying Finnair with a change of planes in Helsinki or British ... Read More »

How to Travel to Romania?

Romania is a small country located in Eastern Europe. This country has a very rich history that makes it unique, plus the architecture is amazing, you will find all kinds of architecture. There are... Read More »