How to Buy a Pistol?

Answer Buying the correct pistol is a must for shooters. A pistol that does not fit the shooter will interfere with how well the shooter performs.

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Where can you buy pistol grips for a Kimel Model 5000 pistol?

The Kimel firearms company is out of business, so your best bet is online. Either or try Numrich Arms.

Do you need a pistol permit for a flintlock pistol in FL?

Please define "permit". Do you mean to own, or to carry concealed? Good questions give good answers.

How to Use an USP Pistol?

The HK USP with a Surefire FlashlightThe USP pistol is fitted with either a special double-action only (DAO) trigger mechanism, designated the “Law Enforcement Modification” (LEM) or a standard... Read More »

What does acp mean in a 45 pistol?