How to Buy a Miniskirt?

Answer Miniskirts give girls a cute or sexy look, and are very fashionable. However, buying the right miniskirt is harder than it looks, because all girls come in different shapes and sizes. Buying the pe... Read More »

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Is 33 too old to wear a miniskirt or short-shorts?

It depends on if it's something cheesy like a plaid, school girl type of skirt and if you're wearing them with low cut tops. Because if so, it's going to look like you desperately want to hold on t... Read More »

How to Add a Fabric Ruffle to the Hemline of Your Miniskirt?

Is your miniskirt shrinking? Clothes can shrink each time they’re washed. Here’s a great way to lengthen your miniskirt:

How to Make a Miniskirt out of a Pair of Pants?

Need a classy miniskirt? Here's a simple way to make one from a pair of dress pants:

What's the best way to hide my boy parts when wearing a micro miniskirt?

Ever seen "Silence of the Lambs"? Whether or not to dance in front of a mirror I leave to your discretion.

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