How to Buy a Laundry Hamper?

Answer A laundry hamper.A laundry hamper is an important item in most households. Choosing the right hamper to store your dirty clothes and linens can help make laundry chores easier by ensuring that your... Read More »

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Laundry basket or hamper for a dorm?

A basket is more sturdy but a hamper is prob more space effective. They both do the same thing plus there's not really much to compare on each. You can get so many styles so when you see them just ... Read More »

How can I make my laundry hamper smell better I just opened it and nearly vomited from the smell?

I would spray Fabreeze deoderizer in it each time u empy it to do wash...and dont let wash pile up or put wet things in hamper..drape wet towels to dry first

I live in a place that has no laundry .I cant afford laundry mat and half the time i have no clothes.?

You should of thought of that before you decided to spread your legs.

I hate driving to do laundry, is it worth it buy laundry machines?

yes.I cannot stand to put my clothes in a washing machine that someone else used. Ever look at them?? theirs hair and pubes, and mold all over them.If your going to buy one, spend the money for a r... Read More »