How to Buy a House After Bankruptcy in Florida?

Answer The original damage done to your credit score will decrease two years after you filed for bankruptcy. Florida bankruptcy laws are more liberal than in many states. It is possible to file for bankru... Read More »

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How old do you have to be to switch from your mother's house in Florida if she has primary custody to your father's house in New York?

Answer If the child has not reached the state's age for emancipation, the custodial parent must agree to the change or the non-custodial parent must petition the court to obtain equal or sole custo... Read More »

Can you file bankruptcy more than once in Florida?

You can file for Florida bankruptcy more than once. Under the Federal bankruptcy laws, you can only file Chapter 7 bankruptcy every eight years, regardless the state you live in. Chapter 13 bankrup... Read More »

How to File Bankruptcy in Florida?

There are several steps a person should take to file for bankruptcy in the state of Florida. If the filing of Chapter 13 (repayment organized) or Chapter 7 (total liquidation), is a process to foll... Read More »

Bankruptcy Procedures for Florida?

Bankruptcy allows individual debtors in Florida to pursue legal debt relief through their local branch of the United States Bankruptcy Court. However, bankruptcy is not a decision that should be en... Read More »