How to Buy a Honda V Tech Engine?

Answer VTEC stands for "variable valve timing and lift electronic control" and refers to a unique engine design created by Honda Motor Company. A normal engine offers one of two choices: power and fuel ef... Read More »

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Will a VTEC Honda Civic engine fit in my Honda Prelude?

A VTEC Civic engine will fit in your Honda Prelude with some small modifications to the motor mounts and transmission. If your Prelude is made before 1992, consider a VTEC Civic engine like the B16... Read More »

The Difference Between a V4 Engine & a V6 Engine for a Honda?

All else being equal, bigger engines make bigger power but tend to weigh more. The same is true for a Honda V4 and V6, especially considering that Honda's only V4 offerings for the last 25 years ha... Read More »

What Is a Honda V Tech?

In order to give some of its cars a little more power and responsiveness, Honda created the VTEC system. The system has to do with how the pistons are moved within the valves of the engine.

A/C Tech Tips for the '96 Honda Accord?

Just about every car sold today comes with air conditioning. We simply hit the A/C button and expect cold air to come out. It is so common that we almost take it for granted -- until it goes out! I... Read More »