How to Buy a Home After Filing Bankruptcy?

Answer It can be difficult to buy a home or get any kind of credit after declaring bankruptcy. However, once you give yourself time to recover financially and rebuild your credit, there are opportunities ... Read More »

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Can I buy a home after filing bankruptcy?

Lenders evaluate debt, employment and credit before approving mortgages. If you have filed for bankruptcy, you might be worried about rebuilding your credit, especially if you want to buy a house. ... Read More »

After filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, can i buy a home?

Facing the aftermath of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a confusing matter. For example, you may wonder whether you can purchase a home after the conclusion of Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.FunctionA Cha... Read More »

Can i get a mortgage after filing bankruptcy?

On One Hand: If You Build Up Your Credit ImmediatelyAfter bankruptcy, you can get to work improving credit scores. You can get a high-rate mortgage within six months of filing, according to MSN Mon... Read More »

How do i add creditors after filing for bankruptcy?

Call either your local bankruptcy court or, if applicable, the attorney representing your interests in bankruptcy. If you filed "pro se" then you'll have to deal directly with the court unless at t... Read More »