How to Buy a Freight Container?

Answer Freight containers are used heavily every day to ship goods across the world. They also have many other uses, however; they can be used as storage containers, mobile offices, and even homes. Freigh... Read More »

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In the uk were does all the different freight go like steel, coal, stones .e.g on the freight trains?

Your question is a bit like asking "how long is a bit of string?", but in general terms freight is moved in 'block' train-loads from one point to another. These traffic flows include:Container traf... Read More »

Freight train A goes from Charleyville to Dogpatch at 40 miles per hour. Freight train B takes 2 hours longer?

Any hogger worth his salt will always take 2 hours longer. That's why the fairer sex has always been so enamored with our efforts, in addition to tidy paychecks, sometimes the majority of which ar... Read More »

What does fob mean regarding freight?

In freight, FOB stands for "free on board." This term means that a seller has to deliver merchandise aboard a freight vessel previously specified by the buyer. The definition of this legal term mig... Read More »

What is a freight broker?

A freight broker is a person or company that arranges shipping for goods, but does not actually run the freight service. Freight brokers match people who need shippers with companies that provide c... Read More »