How to Buy a Foreclosed Property with No Money Down?

Answer Buying a foreclosed property can offer a sound investment opportunity. Since the previous property owner has made payments on the property, it is generally sold below market value. Researching fore... Read More »

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What does a failed bank do with its foreclosed property?

Bank-held foreclosures are transferred to another institution in the event of the bank's failure. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) generally acts as the receiver of all assets of a ... Read More »

Can the foreclosed former owner of a condo be charged with trespassing on condo property in Florida after the new certificate of title as been issued to the bank?

Since trespassing is a legal matter, you are best advised to contact your local police authority if you either want a definition of trespassing or want to press charges of trespassing.

Who owns foreclosed property?

Foreclosed property belongs to the lender that initiated the foreclosure process. Lenders can include government departments, banks, private owners, and credit unions. After the foreclosure process... Read More »

What is foreclosed property?

Foreclosed property is real estate that has gone through foreclosure, a legal process in which real estate becomes the property of the lender who granted the loan to the buyer.FunctionProperty fore... Read More »