How to Buy a Down Comforter?

Answer A down comforter can bring warmth and a bit of luxury to nearly any bedroom. With a design for nearly every climate and sleeper, down comforters can provide all-over warmth that a simple quilt or o... Read More »

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What is the difference between down alternative and white down comforter?

Down comforter is a fabric shell filled with goose or duck down whereas the Down alternative is synthetic or natural filling material used in comforters and duvets, with insulating and warming prop... Read More »

Can you dye a down comforter?

You cannot dye a down comforter using fabric dye without risking damage to the comforter. However, there are other options for changing the color of your comforter. Companies sell colored slip cov... Read More »

How do I launder a down comforter?

Air It OutFluff your comforter daily. Air it outside on a sunny day to rid the comforter of any dust. Hang it on a clothesline and let the wind air it out, or gently pat it if it's particularly dus... Read More »

Can a down comforter be washed?

According to Best Down, down comforters are indeed washable; however, professional dry cleaning may be a better alternative. Constant washing and drying is not particularly good for t... Read More »