How to Buy a Directional Compass for Your Car?

Answer The compass has been a useful tool for navigation for hundreds of years. It indicates the direction of north. With a compass and a map, navigation may be performed without requiring a modern Global... Read More »

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Why gyro compass is used in ships instead of magnetic compass?

Because a ship is made of metal, which can affect the accuracy of a standard magnetic compass. Also, a gyrocompass is is better able to point to the true north, which is more accurate to navigation... Read More »

What does a directional verb mean?

A directional verb is an action word in American sign language. The meaning of the verb is dependent upon the hand gesture for the word. For example, moving your hand from yourself to the other per... Read More »

What is a directional valve?

Directional valves are used primarily in fluid power mechanical applications. Also referred to as hydraulic directional control valves, directional valves "direct" the flow of hydraulic fluid.Appli... Read More »

Why is the compass rose named the compass rose?

The compass rose used to be known as the "wind rose" and was used to calculate direction based on wind. Map-makers began to use the wind rose as a compass to calculate direction, and thus it became... Read More »